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I'm a surface pattern designer, NFT enthusiast, and mom of two millennial boys. I live in Tucson, Arizona.

My Name is Maria Faith Garcia


Profile illustration by Leah Sams

Maybe you're like me, and you love to be creative. The act of creation reminds us that anything is possible!

But, often, you may find that you are afraid to put yourself out there. Maybe you feel boxed in by the expectations of those around you or your own fears of your limitations.

You know that feeling, right? If so, you are not alone. I've been there, too.

For over 40 years, I worked as a designer and creative entrepreneur. 

I worked for printing companies, as a freelancer, and as an artist for a corrugated box company (talk about being boxed in). I even built a booming business designing clothing for decorative porch geese. 

In 2010, my life went into a tailspin. Divorce. Forced to move. Had to find a new job. Raise two boys on my own.

I was determined not to let this series of events break me. I had to get myself fit. Keep my body healthy. I ventured into fitness competitions. While I lost more events than I won, my greatest lessons from that time were the benefits of focus and determination.

And....staying open to new things.

In 2012, I took the most significant leap in my design career.

Don't get me wrong. I still had my doubts. I wasn't rushing headlong into every venture that came before me. But one rule I was trying to live by at that time was: DO NOT LET TIMIDITY RULE YOUR DECISIONS.

If you're like most designers I've met (or any creative, for that matter), you could always use a little more courage. Courage to step forward. Courage to be seen. Courage to make the impact that you are here to make.

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At 53, Maria proves you can become fit at any age. Natural Muscle Magazine.

Pictured far right.

Skull and Raven Damask Pattern Design in green and purple

My very first repeat pattern!

In 2012 I stumbled upon a Spoonflower Design Competition. I had never made a repeat pattern before and had no idea what went into designing something like this.

The voices of doubt hounded me: "You don't know anything about this stuff." "You don't have an art degree." "Stick to what you know." (And by the way, these voices were not only voices of self-doubt. They were everywhere. A high school art teacher once suggested I pursue another career path altogether).

I teetered on the edge, ready and willing to accept what the voices were telling me.

Then this phrase popped into my head, and it kept getting louder: "Okay, but how hard can it be, really?"

That's when I realized you will never be able to silence the voices. But you can talk back and challenge them. And you can use them to fuel your determination.

So, like any desperate college student the night before exams--I crammed!

It was a struggle, believe me. But I figured it out. And believe it or not, I came in third place.

That moment changed my life. I knew that anything would be possible if I just gave it a shot.

My story is the reason I care about helping designers today.

It takes courage to pursue one's creative ambitions. To resist the criticism and expectations of others. To conquer one's own fears.

Some of these fears are genuine. Others are merely excuses. But all of them can be debilitating:

  • I'm afraid my art is not good enough.
  • I don't know anything about business.
  • What if I can't make a living or live a happy life?
  • I'm afraid someone will steal or copy my work.
  • I didn't attend art school, so I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • I'm not very good with computers. Not sure where to begin.
  • If I wanted to succeed, I would have needed to start much younger.
  • The market must be saturated because everyone else is doing it.

All of these obstacles can be overcome.

And the best part is when you are ready to show up and create courageously, it can lead not only to a greater income but also to the life you have always dreamed of.

I'm here to tell you: That dream is possible.

Winter wonderland snowy deer and trees pattern
Toucans Tropical Rainforest Pattern Design
Fun Frog Striped Pattern Design with Gerbera Daisies
Farmers Market Typography Pattern Design

Here are some of my favorite designs from my Spoonflower catalog!

I believe no one should ever underestimate the power of their creative mind--where anything is possible.

For a Wider Selection of My Work, Head to the SHOP Page!

Llama Fun

Spoonflower Design Challenge Winner!

This adorable fabric collection features an assortment of llamas, whimsical flowers, and a loving goat in playful fun pastels.

See the Llama Fun collection here!

Fun llama pattern in pastel colors.
Pink and blue floral pattern on a brown background.
Draped Pom Pom Tassel Pattern

Ice Cream Truck Menu

The iconic ice cream truck menu design has something for everyone, whether you're a kid reliving summer memories or an adult seeking a little whimsy and fun.

See the Ice Cream Menu collection here!

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Cups Pattern with Blue Stripe Background
Nostalgic Ice Cream Truck Menu Pattern
Chocolate and Vanilla Soft-Serve twist Cone Pattern Design

Fishing Lures

From bobbers to hooks to lures, for when you're looking to make your fishing trips truly top-notch.

See the Fishing Lure collection here!

Variety of Fishing Lures Pattern Design
Fishing Bobbers Pattern
Fishing Lures Pattern

I invite you to visit my Spoonflower Shop, which features over 4,000 of my designs!