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Welcome to the Creative AI Suite

Unleash Creativity with Our GPT-Powered Design Toolbox!

Dive into a World of Innovation and Design

Step into the world of the Creative AI Suite – your comprehensive resource for mastering the art of print-on-demand and design. Our GPT-driven tools, specializing in niche research, slogan generation, color theme exploration, and more, are meticulously crafted to transform your creative aspirations into tangible results, empowering your journey through the ever-evolving landscape of digital design.

Diverse Tools for Diverse Needs:

  • T-Shirt Design Tools: Create witty slogans and engaging visual mockups.
  • Print-On-Demand Tools: Broaden your product range and maximize market potential.
  • Surface Pattern Design Tools: Innovate with unique pattern concepts.

Advanced Assistance:

  • WEB3 Advisor: Navigate the emerging realms of digital art.
  • Intuitive Calculation Tool: Achieve precision in dpi calculations and size rescaling.

Whether you’re embarking on your design journey or are a seasoned designer seeking to elevate your creations, our suite is tailored to fuel creativity and efficiency in the vibrant world of digital design.


T-Shirt Design Tools

Elevate your t-shirt designs with our GPT-powered tools. Ideal for both novice and experienced designers, this suite offers innovative slogan generation, niche research, and color theme exploration. Streamline your creative process and bring your t-shirt ideas to life ideas to life easily and efficiently.

Witty Tee Creator


Generates playful, kid-friendly t-shirt slogans along with corresponding design mock-ups. It crafts funny, concise sayings and suggests age-appropriate colors and styles, ensuring the designs are appealing and suitable for all ages.

Tee Phrase Crafter

GPT Tee Phrase Crafter Icon

Revolutionize your t-shirt messaging with this innovative tool. Input your initial phrase or message idea, and the Tee Phrase Crafter provides ten concise, humor-focused alternatives. Ideal for crafting unique, funny t-shirt slogans with ease.

Font Finder


A witty guide to choosing the perfect font for t-shirt designs, offering concept-based suggestions with easy-access web links. It also provides advice on compatible color schemes and design elements, tailored to your theme and audience.

Mood Tee Refiner


Transform t-shirt quotes to fit various moods, including humor and sarcasm. Enter a quote and get eight mood-tailored variations with contextual explanations and color suggestions to enhance the design's emotional appeal.

Fact Oddity Tee Creator


A unique t-shirt research tool that specializes in crafting fun, fact-based designs. It inspires innovative and diverse t-shirt creations, drawing from a rich pool of intriguing facts. Perfect for designers seeking to blend education with style.

Pun Tee Creator


Creates clever pun-based t-shirt designs. It plays with words of multiple meanings to develop unique, humorous graphics that visually capture the essence of each pun.

Pun Master


Generates creative family-friendly puns tailored to specific niches or keywords. When you provide a niche name or keyword, it will produce a list of 25 pun ideas. Ideal for use in t-shirt designs.

Trendy Tee Creator


Turn trending phrases into unique t-shirt designs. It explores every possible meaning of a phrase for diverse, witty interpretations, culminating in visually engaging and humorous graphic representations.

Design Tee Genius


Quickly turns online content into catchy t-shirt slogans and designs, providing market-ready concepts with contemporary flair and audience appeal. Provides optional visual representations.

Holiday Tee Creator


Generates unique t-shirt designs for various holidays. It covers a wide range of holidays and special occasions, offers audience insights, ensuring marketable designs for every occasion.

Marketing & Social Media Tools

Revolutionize your design marketing approach with our GPT-powered Marketing & Social Media Tools. Perfectly tailored for designers, this tool amplifies your online presence with captivating social media content.

Merch Marketer


Tailored for t-shirt and POD designers, creating tailored social media posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. It specializes in crafting engaging content that enhances online presence and resonates with diverse audiences.

Audience Scout


A specialized tool designed to assist t-shirt makers, surface pattern designers, and print-on-demand entrepreneurs in identifying specific target audiences for their designs. When provided with a keyword or niche, Audience Scout offers detailed suggestions for 30 unique target audiences.

Print-On-Demand Design TOOLS

Unleash the full potential of your product line with our Print-On-Demand Tools. Designed for creators at all levels, this suite opens up a world of possibilities for a wide range of products. Whether you're expanding an existing line or starting a new venture, these tools are your key to crafting market-ready products with efficiency and creativity.

Niche Explorer

GPT Niche Explorer

Provides detailed reports on selected topics, revealing creative ideas across diverse product categories. Delve into sub-niches, target audiences, cultural insights, and emotional appeals to inspire unique designs.

Niche Research Nuggets


Unique prompts that drive in-depth exploration, encouraging a comprehensive understanding of each niche. These prompts delve into historical, cultural, artistic, and contemporary elements, fostering inspiration for innovative designs.

Color Palette Pro


Quickly suggests color schemes with names, HEX codes, and descriptions for design projects. Tailored for t-shirt, POD merchandise, and pattern designs, it aligns with trends and audience preferences using color theory for harmonious combinations.

DesignMaster AI


Whether you're brainstorming ideas or seeking feedback on your work, this AI offers a supportive and approachable environment. It's perfect for artists seeking to spark creativity and gain professional insights, making every step of the creative journey both enjoyable and enriching.

Design Muse

GPT Design Muse

It's like your personal muse for design ideas. Simply upload your image and this AI-powered creative sidekick helps you brainstorm and analyze visual concepts.

Merch Maven


Your go-to for POD product designs, offering niche-tailored visuals, color schemes, and typography to enhance originality and audience appeal.


Enhance your surface pattern designs with our specialized GPT-powered tools. Tailored for both emerging and skilled designers, this suite enriches your work with niche research and innovative pattern ideation. Streamline your design workflow and effortlessly transform your creative concepts into captivating surface patterns.

Niche Design Ideas


Your go-to tool for tailored design inspiration. Enter your specific niche and it generates a range of artistic concepts, especially for surface pattern designs. It's designed to fuel your creativity and guide you in exploring unique design possibilities within your chosen niche, or Spoonflower Design Challenge topic!

Holiday Pattern Explorer


Uncover unique, trendsetting holiday patterns for every occasion. From traditional to modern, discover designs that resonate with audiences and celebrate every festivity in style!

Collection Curator


Guided by your chosen themes, it builds cohesive surface pattern design collections, developing a series of harmoniously themed designs, ensuring consistency in style, color, and concept. 

Design Tag Genius


A specialized tool created for surface pattern designers that generates targeted keyword suggestions for effective and searchable titles and tags for listings on Spoonflower.

Pixel Precision Calculation Tool

The ultimate tool for graphic designers and digital creators, specializing in design and printing calculations. Whether you're resizing images, converting units, or seeking print size recommendations, Pixel Precision has you covered. It expertly handles aspect ratio maintenance, PPI/DPI calculations, and scaling for various digital platforms. Ideal for optimizing sizes, resolutions, and scales in both digital and print media, it also advises on the best PPI/DPI settings for everything from web graphics to high-quality prints. Pixel Precision tailors its guidance to the specific needs of graphic designers, photographers, and print media professionals.


Achieve precision in dpi calculations and size rescaling.

web3 Creative advisor

Navigate the emerging world of Ethereum NFTs and Web3 with our WEB3 Advisor for Creatives. This tool is your friendly guide, designed to educate and assist both newcomers and experienced creatives in the digital art space. It provides insights into NFT trends, blockchain basics, and strategic approaches for leveraging Web3 technologies in your creative projects. Embrace this new era of digital artistry with confidence and creativity.


Friendly Ethereum NFT and Web3 educator for creatives.