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Are you interested in where you can start selling patterns online? 

The digital fabric printing industry has grown considerably over recent years, with many players now on the market. We have compiled a list of the best sites to explore and help you best determine where to sell your unique patterns online.

Selling surface pattern designs is exciting because a single design can sell over and over again, meaning you are only doing the hard work once and then continuing to reap the benefits over time.

Choosing among so many print-on-demand options can be a daunting task, but the best way to start is by narrowing down your needs, then selecting what will work for you.

We have broken down the print-on-demand options into three categories.

Printed Textile Design Marketplaces

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Sell your designs on Spoonflower as fabric, wallpaper, and home accessories — and always own the rights to your work. The largest and most popular online market for buying and selling fabrics.

Get started selling webpage on Spoonflower's website.

Selling with Spoonflower

  • Earn a 10% royalty based on what the customer pays for an item, inclusive of any discounts applied, rather than on the full retail price of the item.
  • Your royalty will never reflect a discount of more than 50%.
  • Earn bonus commissions up to 15% after meeting sales threshold.
  • Payouts are monthly via a PayPal account, and will include all sales from the month prior.
  • Maximize retail potential if you opt into distribution on third-party marketplaces, such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay, among other external channels.


Raspberry Creek Fabrics. NOTE: Waiting on Raspberry Creek Fabrics to provide info.


Selling with Raspberry Creek

  • Information coming soon

MAAKE (Formerly Fashion Formula)

NOTE: Given the recent updates and ongoing improvements to the Maake platform, I recommend holding off on uploading new pattern designs until all restructuring is complete and the platform is fully stabilized.

Sell your designs on Fashion Formula as fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, and other products — and always own the rights to your work. Fashion Formula customers can specify the print DPI of a design, which means designers can list multiple size variations of the same design without the associated proofing costs.

Get started selling your designs webpage on Fashion Formula's website.

Selling with MAAKE

  • Earn 10% commission (royalty) on all net sales.
  • Earn bonus commissions up to 20% after meeting sales threshold.
  • After reaching the bonus level, it will continue to earn at that commission level for the following six months, even if sales do not meet the previous month's amount.
  • Based in London, United Kingdom.
  • Payouts are via direct deposit to a bank account for UK-based designers.
  • Payouts are via PayPal for non-UK-based designers.
  • Must order a proof swatch before making the design available for sale.


Sell your designs on Woven Monkey — and always own the rights to your work. Woven Monkey is a digital fabric printer using eco-friendly pigment inks on natural fibers.

Woven Monkey website's Home page.

Selling with WOVEN MONKEY

  • Earn 10% commission (royalty) on all net sales (excluding test swatches).
  • Earn bonus commissions up to 12.5% after meeting sales threshold.
  • Based in Derbyshire, England.
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal when payment threshold met.
  • Approval process before design appears on site.
  • Or print your own designs on fabrics to market yourself and earn points to save money on future orders.


Exclusive-only pattern designs. Two main areas of focus are apparel and home decor. Complete form request for an invite to their Designer Program. Do not send images of your work until a signed agreement in place. 

Designer program webpage on The Textile District's website.


  • Earn 10% commission (royalty) on all net sales.
  • Based in North Carolina, USA.
  • Eco-friendly OEKO-TEX® certified process.
  • All fabrics are print to order in the USA.
  • Must submit a minimum of 2 collections per year. 
  • Each collection would feature eight designs in 3+ colorways (each).
  • Designs are exclusive to The Textile District.
  • Or print your own designs on fabrics that you can then market yourself.


WeaveUp has recruited a community of Independent Artists that feed into their curated design library with customizable designs. WeaveUp also partners with big-name brands such as Continental, JoAnn, Spring Window Fashions, Materialised, and Valley Forge Fabrics. We hesitated to add this to our list of where to sell patterns due to low commission on partner site sales and a lack of artist attribution on designs. 

Designer information webpage on Weaveup's website.

Selling with WEAVEUP

  • Commission based on the retail price minus any coupons/discounts used.
  • WeaveUp determines the price at which products are sold on the site.
  • WeaveUp site commission: 10% on the first 200 yards, 3% on 201+ yards. 
  • Partner site commission: 3% on one yard or more.
  • WeaveUp inspects all designs. Designs added to the marketplace after approval.
  • Commissions are on hold for 45 days before being available for withdrawal.
  • Payouts are via PayPal account after the $20 payment threshold is met.
  • No upfront costs.

Info coming soon for where to sell your patterns on commission sites