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The Squint test

A quick and easy way to assess the quality of a surface pattern repeat 

You've worked hard to get the motifs just right. You're ready to call it a day. But wait, have you put it through The Squint Test?

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What is "The Squint Test?"

The squint test is a quick and easy way to assess the quality and effectiveness of a repeat.

The purpose is to help you detach from your work and put some objectivity between you and your design.

How to Perform a Squint Test

Display your design, so you can see the artwork repeated several times, take a step back and squint your eyes, allowing them to navigate the repeat pattern with blurred vision. Squinting at a pattern design enables you to focus on weights or values ​​rather than details, and spot inconsistencies that may not be working well together.

What Should You Look For When Squinting?

  • Do you notice any linear paths?
  • What stands out? (And should they?)
  • Is the repetition jarring or bothersome?
  • Is there a natural flow and balance to it?
  • Do your motifs stand out from the background?
  • Is the repeat visible or well hidden in the design?
  • Are there any unintentional patterns that emerge?

This tool can be especially helpful for those who find it difficult to be objective with their own work!

Now go out there and create something worth squinting for.